Extreme Digital 2022 Photo Combo Press

SPECIAL $795.00 !


... 10 inch
                                 HAT PRESS              PLATE PRESS ... 8 inch
not pictured a DOG BOWL WRAP

          Makes 2 sizes of Photo Plates, plus Photo Mugs, Photo Hats, Tiles, Tote Bags, Mouse Pads,
and a variety of Personalized photo Garments, and more....
           You can make photo plates to commemorate any occasion. The two heat element platens are designed for both our 8 and 10 inch gold trimmed plates.
           Custom photo plates can be made for events such as:
Weddings, Births, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Sports, Family Re-unions.
           Plates with logos can be made for Churches, Restaurants, Non-Profit Organizations, Corporate Events, Country Clubs, businesses & clubs
           This dynamic New State of the Art Combo Press will transfer permanent high quality prints to ceramics and fabric in two to four minutes. These memory pictures are not only clear and vivid, but durable.

            The Silica Gel transfer mats are an amorphous form material, which is chemically inert, non-toxic, and dimensionally stable ensuring an equal heat and pressure transfer.
            The electronic and digital controls easily adjust the voltage, pressure, and assure reliable performance.
            This Dynamic Photo Transfer Heat Press is constructed with a steel frame and thick die cast heating plate for superior durability. The Heavy swing arm feature creates an even high pressure for a large transfer area. Adjustable Plate height and thickness. Designed for commercial daily use.

1. Digitally Controlled ,
2.Adjustable temperature
3. Silica Gel Mat assures equal transfer of heat and pressure.
4. Adjustable Press pressure bottom Plate

Voltage: 120V - regular house current
Power: 420W
Size of heating plate: diameter 5 inches/6inches
Realtime display of temperature condition with automatic alarm feature.

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